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HKarmy "Luxe X - A51" Markierer (private label)
HKarmy "Luxe X - A51" marker (private label)
The all new Luxe X is the culmination of 10 years excellency. We did our own inhouse testing, listened to our loyal teams and customers, and the result is the most advanced, most reliable and most trusted Luxe out there; the all new Luxe...
1,699.95€ * 1,899.95€ *
HKarmy Luxe X S-Trigger
HKarmy Luxe X S-Trigger
The HKarmy S-Trigger is an alternative trigger for the Luxe X. Its S-shape gives it an excellent feel. It is officially licensed by HKarmy, made from the highest quality aluminum and, just like the original Luxe X trigger, has ball...
49.95€ *