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Shocker Dual Griff Set grün
Shocker Grip Kits
Grip kits designed for your Shocker XLS or RSX - straight from the factory. With unparalleled fit and finish these grips are designed to make your Shocker XLS or RSX stand out from the crowd! The unique grip design allows all diagnostic...
39.95€ *
Shocker Ersatzteil: Batteriekabel
Shocker Spare Part: 9 Volt Adapter
Batteries connector of the Shocker XLS and RSX, it is directly connected to the board. Delivery without board Suitable for 9V alkaline batteries
9.90€ *
GOG G1-M Ersatzteil: Ventil (Solenoid), Version 2
GOG G1-M Spare Part: Valve, Mk2
This valve is the main valve, mk2, which can be installed in any G1-M. The new version of the valve is reinforced with a metal plate and is even more stable than the standard valve. If yours is broken, you can exchange the valve easily...
19.90€ *
Shocker XLS Accent Set blau
Shocker XLS Accent Kit
These custom accent kits for the Shocker XLS allow you to personalize your marker to fit your style. Each kit is the same high quality anodization and fit as your original parts guaranteed to fit without modification. The kit contains: -...
99.95€ *
DLX Luxe ICE/OLED Ersatzteil: OLED Board
DLX Luxe ICE/OLED Spare Part: OLED Display Board
DLX Luxe OLED Display Board LUX319 The high-quality Oled display of the Luxe ICE and Luxe OLED. All Luxe ICE and Luxe OLED settings can be read via the easy-to-read display. Easy installation through plug and play.
29.90€ *
Shocker Detent Set
Shocker Detent Kit
The ball detents in the Shocker XLS and RSX are engineered for incredibly long life, and will likely never wear out. However, if your looking for piece of mind, or have a tendency to loose parts this detent kit will give you a full...
9.95€ *
Shocker Ersatzteil: Augen
Shocker Spare Part: Replacement Eye Kit
This is a full set of eye wires, plug, and sensors to replace the eye system in your Shocker XLS and RSX. Wether you have damaged a sensor, or torn a wire, these will get you back on the field ASAP! The Shocker XLS or RSX eyes are...
19.95€ *
GOG cal.50 eNMEy Ersatzteil: Bolzenstopper
GOG cal.50 eNMEy Spare Part: Bolt Stop
GOG cal.50 eNMEy Spare Part Factory part: NM5110 NME 50CAL Bolt Stop The bolt stopper is the central component in the bolt of caliber 50 eNMEy to separate the two pressure areas.
6.90€ *
GOG eNMEy PRO Klemm Feedneck
GOG eNMEy PRO Clamping Feedtube
The eNMEy PRO feedtube is all metal, adjustable and features a quick clamping lever. Durable and sturdy this is the ideal upgrade for players using their eNMEy in competitive play
24.95€ *
DLX Luxe ICE-1.0 Ersatzteil: Bolzenfeder Schraube
DLX Luxe ICE-1.0 Spare Part: Bolt Spring Guide
Luxe Bolt Spring Guide within the Bolt of the Luxe. The Screw should be secured with some thread sealant. 
7.90€ *
DLX Luxe ICE-1.0 Ersatzteil: Solenoid
DLX Luxe ICE-1.0 Spare Part: Solenoid
Factory solenoid for Luxe 1.0/1.5/2.0/OLED/ICE Markers.
95.00€ *
DLX Luxe X/ICE Augen untere Hälfte
DLX Luxe X/ICE Vision Bottom
DLX Luxe ICE Spare Part: LUX418 Vision Bottom The bottom half of the ICE Vision system. This part of the eye cable is installed in the gripframe of the Luxe ICE and provides the connection to the main board.
14.95€ *
DLX Luxe ICE/OLED Ersatzteil: Hauptplatine (Export)
DLX Luxe ICE/OLED Spare Part: OLED Board Kit
DLX Luxe OLED Board Kit LUX317 This is the main board for the die Luxe ICE und Luxe OLED. This board is the export version (all fire modes) The acquisition and possession is permitted in Germany, but the installation and use may only...
119.90€ *
GOG eNMEy Ersatzteil: Griffschalen
GOG eNMEy Spare Part: Rubber Grips
The eNMEy rubber grips.
14.90€ *
SmartParts Ion Upper Vision Board (Augen)
SmartParts Ion Upper Vision Board
The SmartParts Upper Vision Board is the Anti Chop Eye System for all Ion compatible Markers. With the help of the Upper Vision board, the Ion XE no longer can chop a ball with the bolt during the shooting process. The system registers...
7.45€ * 14.90€ *
Shocker Schrauben Set
Shocker Screw Kit
Whether you just want to have a spare for everything, or your replacing a missing screw or pin, this kit has everything you need to replace each piece of hardware on your Shocker XLS or RSX. All fasteners used to secure the various...
9.95€ *
Shocker Ersatzteil: Hauptplatine (Export)
Shocker Spare Part: Main Board
Shocker Main Board SHK117 This is the main board for the Shocker XLS und RSX. This board is the export version (all fire modes) The acquisition and possession is permitted in Germany, but the installation and use may only take place...
59.90€ *
DLX Luxe Ersatzteil: Aufkleber, Jewel STK002
DLX Luxe Spare Part: diamond decal STK002
Luxe Diamond decal STK002
3.00€ *
Shocker XLS Ersatzteil: Abzug Pin
Shocker XLS Spare Part: Trigger Pivot Pin
Shocker XLS Trigger Pivot Pin PIN024 Shocker XLS Trigger Pivot Pin, including the O-Ring on it
4.90€ *
Shocker Klemmfeed Rändelschraube
Shocker Thumbwheel Feedneck Screw
Grab this thumbscrew for your Shocker feed tube and make hopper adjustments even easier. This screw replaces your factory upper screw - SSC006 and allows you to clamp down on your hopper even tighter without the use of tools!
9.95€ *
DLX Luxe ICE-1.0 Dichtung Set
DLX Luxe ICE-1.0 Seal Kit
 This o-ring kit contains all o-rings needed for a complete replacement on your Luxe OLED/2.0/ICE paintball markers. This will rebuild the core, solenoid manifold(not pictured) and ASA.
24.95€ *
GOG eNMEy Ersatzteilset "Dealer"
The Spare Parts Kit "DEALER" for the GOG eNMEy includes everything so your eNMEys are ready on gameday.
100.00€ *
Shocker Ersatzteil: Displayabdeckung inkl. Ein/Aus Knopf
Shocker Screen Cover & Power Button Kit
This is the improved display cover of the Shocker XLS including the power button. Also compatible with RSX models, so it can be used as an upgrade to better protect the on/off switch from the elements.
9.90€ *
DLX Luxe 2.0 Regulator
DLX Luxe 2.0 Regulator
DLX Luxe factory regulator. If something is wrong with your regulator, go with the original and not some aftermarket product. Complete from the velocity screw at the bottom to the o-ring ontop. Fits Luxe 1.0/1.5/2.0/OLED
69.95€ *
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