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GOG cal.50 eNMEy Ersatzteil: Ball Detent
GOG cal.50 eNMEy Spare Part: Ball Detent
GOG cal.50 eNMEy Spare Part Factory part: NM5111 NME 50CAL Ball Detent The ball detent of the GOG cal.50 eNMEy
2.90€ *
GOG cal.50 eNMEy Ersatzteil: Laufeinsatz
GOG cal.50 eNMEy Spare Part: Breach Insert
GOG cal.50 eNMEy Spare Part Factory part: NM5112 NME 50CAL Breach Insert The breach insert of the GOG cal.50 eNMEy
4.90€ *
GOG Inlineregulator Piston Dichtung
GOG Vertical Regulator Piston Seat
GOG Vertical Regulator Factory part: VRG106 VRG Piston Seat The seat is used within the piston as main seal area. If signs of wear are visible it is advised to change the seat. Insert it with the mushroom head first.
1.50€ *
GOG eNMEy Ersatzteil: Griffschalen Schrauben
GOG eNMEy Spare Part: Grip panel screws
GOG eNMEy spare part Factory part: SSB009 grip panel screw This screw fixes the grip pannel to the grip frame. Four are needed for a marker.
From 1.50€ *
GOG GR33SE Fett "cookie jar" 2oz (59ml)
GOG GR33SE 2 oz. jar
 Factory lubricant for all DLX Luxe, Shocker, GOG paintball markers. *Use of other lubricants will result in reduced performance.
Content 0.06 liter (249.17€ / 1 liter)
14.95€ *
GOG eNMEy Ersatzteil: Abzug
GOG eNMEy Spare Part: Single Trigger
GOG eNMEy Spare Parts Factory part: NME107 eNMEy Single Trigger The single trigger of the eNMEY. The component is used both in caliber .68" and caliber .50" eNMEys
9.90€ *
GOG Inlineregulator Sprengring
GOG Vertical Regulator 1/2 ID Retaining Clip
GOG Vertical Regulator Factory part: CLP006 1/2 ID Retaining Clip The retaining clip secures the swivle part to the body of the vertical regulator
1.00€ *
GOG eNMEy Ersatzteil: Feedneck
GOG eNMEy Spare Part: Feedneck
This is the original feedneck of the GOG eNMEy, also suitable for the SmartParts eNVy. If the feedneck is broken, you will be happy about he original spare part for your marker. Only the feedneck, no screws included.
14.90€ *
GOG Preset Adapter On/Off
GOG Preset Valve Adaptor On/Off
Turn any preset system into an on/off preset system using this simple and reliable adapter. The preset adapter has a total length of 38mm which gives the bottle an excellent position. Colour: Black
19.95€ *
GOG Multi-Kaliber Hopper
GOG Multi-Caliber Hopper
This hopper was designed to be the ultimate gravity fed 50 caliber hopper, but is also compatible with 68 caliber paintballs. Its sleek yet durable design is light weight and designed to stand up to the most rigorous paintball match. The...
9.95€ *
Atom6 v2.0 flexible Nahbereich Projektile 100 Stück
Atom6 flexible close range projectile
A young startup company in California made a huge pitch with their "Atom6 flexible close range projectile" Imagine a projectile that is reusable and enables you to shoot your paintball gun without any modification at home, no damage...
From 29.90€ *
DLX Luxe ICE-1.0 Ladekabel (US Stecker)
DLX Luxe ICE-1.0 Wall Charger (US Plug)
Luxe battery charger compatible with all models. US Power Plug Adapter
19.95€ *
GOG Inlineregulator Feder (Export)
GOG Vertical Regulator Spring (Export)
Spring for the Vertical Regulator on the GOG Markers eNMEy, eXTCy, eNVy, G-1, Vibe and SP-1. This Vertical Regulator spring is the export version. With it, the shooting speed for games abroad can be adjusted. The acquisition and...
4.95€ * 9.90€ *
GOG Laufsocke "GOG black & white"
GOG Barrel Blocker "GOG black & white"
GOG Barrel Blocker / Sleeve / Condom 2017 line of with "GOG black & white" print. Reinforced in the front.
6.90€ *
DLX Luxe ICE-1.0 Ersatzteil: Akku
DLX Luxe ICE-1.0 Battery
 Factory replacement battery for all Luxe Markers.
19.95€ *
DLX Luxe ICE-1.0 Ersatzteil: Bolzenfeder
DLX Luxe ICE-1.0 Spare Part: Bolt Spring
This is the newer updated V2 2.0 spring that goes inside the factory 2.0 bolt. This has the longer V2 spring screw. This updated V2 screw will hold the spring in place better then the V1 screw when the spring is compressed. Less chance...
7.90€ *
DLX Luxe Ersatzteil: Piston Dichtung
DLX Luxe Spare Part: Piston Seat
Luxe Vertical Regulator Factory part: VRG106 VRG Piston Seat The seat is used within the piston as main seal area. If signs of wear are visible it is advised to change the seat. Insert it with the mushroom head first.
1.50€ *
GOG Quick-Griffschalen Schrauben, 2 Stück
GOG Snap Grip Screws, 2 pieces
Quick Snap Grip Screws are designed to allow your to open or remove your grips without the need for tools. These make changing your battery or your programming settings quick and easy. Please check with your local field/tournament league...
Content 2 piece(s) (2.50€ / 1 piece(s))
5.00€ *
GOG eNMEy Ersatzteil: Ventil (Solenoid), Version 2
GOG eNMEy Spare Part: Valve, Mk2
This valve is the main valve, mk2, which can be installed in any eNMEy. The new version of the valve is reinforced with a metal plate and is even more stable than the standard valve. If yours is broken, you can exchange the valve easily...
19.90€ *
Shocker Dichtung Set
Shocker Seal Kit
Whether you just want to have a spare for everything, or your replacing a damaged o-ring or two, this kit has a full rebuild for your Shocker XLS or RSX. Factory o-rings are provided in specific materials and durometers to achieve...
14.95€ *
GOG cal.50 eNMEy O-Ring Set
GOG cal.50 eNMEy O-Ring Kit
GOG cal.50 eNMEy O-ring kit This kit contains all the O-rings required to maintain the cal.50 eNMEy. 4x # 005 / OM7005 6x # 012 / OM7012 2x # 015 / OB7015 2x # 016 / OB7016 2x # 017 / OB7017 10x # 018 / OB7018
9.90€ *
DLX Luxe 2.0 Augen
DLX Luxe 2.0 Flex Eyes
Factory Eye Ribbon for Luxe 1.0/1.5/2.0/OLED Markers.
29.95€ *
GOG eNMEy Dichtung Set
GOG eNMEY Seal Kit
This seal kit for the GOG eNMEy marker contains all relevant O-rings for the repair of your marker. Also compatible with the SmartParts marker eNVy, G-1, SP-1 and Vibe.
14.95€ *
SmartParts Ion Wiring Harness
SmartParts Ion Wiring Harness
The Wiring Harness is used to connect the main board to the Upper Vision Board of Ion compatible markers. The cable is protected against polarity reversal and is simply plugged into the socket on both boards. Compatible to: EOS,...
2.95€ * 5.90€ *
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